Visiting Pakistan for the first time | Keep these Tips in Mind

Visiting Pakistan for the first time | Keep these Tips in Mind

If you are interested in visiting Pakistan. You should follow these tips from Pros. Pakistan has a lot of amazing places and historical points. You can find all type of natural places here Like, Mountains, Lakes, waterfalls, Hill stations, valleys Historical Points and many more. If you are a Hiking lover than at least 16 mountain ranges are waiting for you. And if you love natural freshwater Lakes than list will go up and up. Not only Visiting Places, but You will also enjoy the hospitality of local peoples. Pakistan is a safe country and known as the top best-visiting places in the world. Visiting Pakistan is known as a safe experience but if you are following these tips then you can enjoy your visit fully.

Keep all documents and backup also:

You should keep all the documents that are necessary and keep them safe while visiting Pakistan. Try to keep backup of all the documents. You need a NOC (no objection certificate) while visiting Pakistan. It is a simple certificate for you that allows you to visit Pakistan without any barrier an issue. By this, you can visit Pakistan freely. You Can get NOC very rapidly if you have a connection with locals otherwise you can ask your embassy for NOC and your embassy will provide you NOC within 3 to 5 working days.

Travel Insurance While Visiting Pakistan:

Pakistan is a safe country for travelers but safety is the matter that we can never ignore. Either you are in your own country or in any other country, safety is the priority. So you should have a travel insurance plan when starting your journey in Pakistan. We suggest you two type of insurance.

1: World Nomads:

This also works in Pakistan and provides you a huge amount of insurance provides you unlimited medical recovery up to 6000 meters in Pakistan. But they did not provide you any recovery on war, terror, kidnapping and any other mishappening.

2: First Allied:

First Allied is well known due to its plan that works better in war, terror, and kidnapping, etc. Its medical recovery is limited but it facilitates you in all the accidental cases. So, it depends on you which type of medical insurance can be a better option for you.

Know Cultural behavior, facts, and sensitivity:

When you are visiting Pakistan you will get a lot of diversity in cultures of different regions. All have their own culture, traditional fashion, and food. So, try to adjust according to their culture and behavior. A common thing in all the regions is that they all are full of hospitality. And it can be very difficult for you to pay your bills. They all have a common language Known as URDU. One more important thing is “SMILING FACES”. Yes, try to avoid annoying and present yourself with a positive attitude. Because you are a guest there and they will treat your soul heartedly.

1 Religion:

Pakistan is the Muslim majority country and it is essential for you to avoid religious contradictions. People of Pakistan love the guest as well as its religion also. If you are doing controversial things based on hate then it will be costly for you. Because religion is a very sensitive issue in all around the world.

2 Don’t ask for Haram:

As I have mentioned above that Pakistan is a Muslim majority country and follows Islamic laws. Beer and Pork are not allowed in Pakistan so avoid to ask for alcohol and pork.

Pack according to weather:

Pakistan also has weather diversity and have all weather seasons. Take a look at your visiting Pakistan schedule according to weather predictions. And pack your luggage according to the weather condition but do not stuff your bag with the unnecessary or doubtful thing. If you have some missing in your luggage you can buy from Pakistan’s local market as well as online.

Keep backup of money:

Obviously, you are using credit cards for your transactions. But in case of visiting Pakistan, you should have some extra cash when you have a credit card for transaction. Because cash is a major part of the transaction in Pakistan and if you have no cash in your hand, it means you would be in trouble any time while purchasing something in the local market.


Pakistan has a large network of transportation that connects one region to others that includes, roads, train, and air. All these mediums of transport are available in Pakistan. But in northern areas of Pakistan, you can face difficulty because of mountains. So, at this point, you should have patience because the medium of transports is local and slow. Keep patience if you want to enjoy the natural beauty.

Skills you must have:

Hiking and swimming are necessary for you when you are visiting Pakistan. As we have mentioned above that Pakistan has a wide range of hill stations, Mountain ranges, and lakes. And without hiking and swimming, you can never enjoy fullest. So, if you want to enjoy fullest while visiting Pakistan you should have these set of skills. Stay enjoy fully while visiting Pakistan.

Stay connected:

When you are in Pakistan you should keep local SIM cards and internet connectivity as well. It is necessary for your safety. Sometimes internet connectivity can lose especially when you are at mountain peak so that why you should have an alternative source of connectivity.

Last Note:

Last, I just want to say that Pakistan has a lot of natural beauty source that is very attractive for the nature lover and travelers. And if you are a History Lover then you should have knowledge that Pakistan has a strong relation with history and have a lot of Historical Points like, “Mohenjo-Daro” “Harappa” and many other historical places include near future history. And it has a lot of potential in exploring some hidden historical and natural place. You can get benefit from exploring and visiting Pakistan. Go for your visit and stay enjoy fully.

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