Top Tourist Attractions in New York

So you are planning to delve into the World’s most renowned metropolis that is a dream destination for millions. The city is too called the city that never sleeps due to its 24/7 entertainment. New York comprises rich culture, enormous entertainment activities, heritage, deep history, and beautiful natural, as well man-made scenic views. Whether you are keen to explore rich culture or addict to architecture work, you are heading towards a perfect holiday destination. 

NYC is well known for its beautiful buildings and spectacular sights at every corner with fun activities across all streets. People love to enjoy Broadway shows, do the shopping, and see appealing places in the city.

Though it’s hard to list out the top tourist attractions in New York, based on thousands of visitors’ experiences, we have gathered some top attraction points helping to make your visit richer and memorable.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island 

The Statue of liberty, the most iconic sight not just of New York and America but of the Globe, represents freedom and hope. The Statue was installed in 1886 and shortly became the long-familiar attractions site in New York. It remains the first choice of every first-time visitor to America.

Multiple options are available for viewing Statue of liberty from Harbor, but we recommend you to travel to liberty island for an incredible view. Liberty tower lies on a 93-meter-tall stand. You can climb those 154 pedestals for a spectacular view of the sight. A short ride from the liberty island reaches you to Ellis’s island to delve into the immigration Museum and understand more about this entrance to America.

Times Square

Times Square, famously known as The crossroad of the World, hosts more than 40 million visitors annually. The most visited attraction point of the world, famous for its delicious foods, tremendous plays, musical concerts, and enormous shopping malls. There is a place where the New Year’s Eve ball drop celebrate, which gathered thousands of people in the surrounding streets. Time square is a place to visit in the evening as real magic starts at midnight. Its one of the top Tourist Attractions in new york With bright lights, big billboards, and giant screens, the city reflects its own unique appeal. 

9/11 Memorial

How could anyone of us forget the deadly terror attack that had almost left 3000 people dead? To pay them tribute and honor, the government of the United States decided to construct the museum around the remnants of the World Trade Center. Their names around the walls of twin reflecting pools, each of which is spread in acres also written. Memorial sight contains the largest man-made waterfall in North American. The museum is constructed on Greenwich Street. On the opposite side of the street, there is well worth seeing Westfield world trade center. The center contains a shopping Mall named Oculus plaza that reflects beautiful work of architecture.

Brooklyn Bridge

We often see movies and song clips showing the cabled stayed bridge, Brooklyn. It shows how inspiring a place this is for film making and exploration. The 1834 meters long arch links Manhattan and Brooklyn over the east river. It was constructed in 1886 was then the longest suspension bridge in the world. More than one lac vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists cross this alluring attraction point every day. It offers walking facilities along the bridge and caters to an incredible skyline view. Here, Cycling and walking are tourist darling activities.

Central Park

Its year-round beauty attracts thousands of visitors. Irrespective of the time of the years, there are plenty of things to enjoy in Central Park, located at the center of Manhattan. The most relaxed attraction sight in New York. Park is span 840 acres and contains more than 2 miles road for cycling and pedestrian. Park is a family-friendly place as the central park zoo is the best place to entertain your child. You can also do skating in winter, Boating in hot weather, and can witness the leaves change in the fall. Do not forget to visit conservative Garden.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

NYC is home to bewitch and historical Museums, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art transparently stands top among all. This is a magical place in Tourist Attractions in new york also near to the already mentioned attraction sights central park. The largest and the most visited Museum contemplates art and culture. The beauty of the sight captivates everyone like they were living here for a while.

Mentioning all attraction points in New York in a single article is quite a tough task. As I have winded up the most popular and visited attractions points in New York, but, Here are many other sights you can also visit and explore, such as Grand Central Terminal, Little Italy and Chinatown, Broadway, The High Line, Chelsea Market, Financial District, and Greenwich Village

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