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A trip to India offers a long list of unique experiences that cannot be enjoyed elsewhere. One of them is the option of sleeping in Heritage hotels in rajasthan (India). These are forts and historical palaces converted into accommodation.

Many of these heritage hotels in India are luxury accommodations since they are in incredible palaces and buildings, but there are also options available to all budgets.

The best Heritage hotels in India in rural areas and of medium prices (hotels in forts and historical palaces) where you can enjoy rural Rajasthan and at the same time live an experience worthy of the Maharajas.

There are many in India at different prices, highlighting the luxury ones, and here we want to suggest  6 Historic Hotels of average prices where you can enjoy rural Rajasthan. These are 7 places that were once Havelis (traditional mansions), old Forts and Palaces, and now function as Hotels. They allow you to stay comfortable and at the same time adsorb all the historical culture of Rajasthan in the most relaxed way.

History of Heritage Hotels in India

India is well known for its long history of warrior kingdoms like the Mughals and the Rajputs. Today the cultural wealth of the past is felt in every street of the country. The historic State of Rajasthan, in particular, is a region where art and architecture can be lived from very close. This is due to the old buildings, which originally belonged to Indian royalty, and in some cases to the English rulers, are now open to the public as Heritage Resorts or Historic Hotels.

The Indian Constitution of 1971 abolished all royal privileges, and for this reason, royalty families were forced to sell or rent their properties, due to the excessive expenses involved in maintaining it.

Despite the renovations, all these heritage hotels in India are as they were in their origins and the real past is perceived in every corner.

  1. Hotel Shahpura Haveli

This heritage hotel option in India has 3 stars and is for people who have a limited budget. You will find this hotel in the small village of Shahpura, between Delhi and Jaipur. It is a beautiful sample of Indo-Saracenic architecture. Due to this, it is placed in the first position in the list of hotels in rajasthan.

The palace is 300 years old but has been carefully renovated by the current owners, direct descendants of the royal family of Shahpura. The feeling when entering is to be in an authentic Mughal palace with its narrow stairs, exquisite works with mirrors, painted walls, and numerous decorative details.

In the surroundings, we can see the rural life in India, very far from the visits that are made in the big cities, and that will surprise the traveller.

Hotel Shahpura Haveli
Hotel Shahpura Haveli
  1. Rawla Narlai Hotel

Rawla Narlai is near Desuri, between Udaipur and Jodhpur. The exact location is Narlai Village, which can be reached through Ranakpur. It is a 3-star hotel that dominates the hills of Aravalli. This heritage accommodation offers different levels of rooms to suit various budgets. It has a restaurant, bar and an outdoor pool. In the surroundings, you can enjoy additional activities such as horse riding, sightseeing in the rural area, etc. The area near the hotel is covered with crops and large granite rocks if you are travelling through the Palace on Wheels.

hotel rawla narlai
hotel rawla narlai
  1. Deogarh Mahal Hotel

Deogarh, also known as Devgarh, is a town in Chhindwara, halfway between Udaipur and Jodhpur. The area is famous for Fort Deogarh, a palace from the year 1670 that has become an excellent hotel. The fort is located on top of the Aravalli mountain range and has a natural view of beautiful landscapes over the town.

A part of the palace is still occupied by the Deogarh royal family for personal use. Every corner of the hotel has its legend, many of them documented, and many works of art on the walls tell stories of the aristocracy. However, to stay is as modern as any other hotel, with Wi-Fi, swimming pool, laundry, room service, etc. You can also enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.

Deogarh Mahal Hotel
Deogarh Mahal Hotel
  1. Barli Fort Hotel

Fort Barli is a 3-star hotel located in Vijayanagar, 70 kilometres from Ajmer. It is a fort built 341 years ago and it was home to the royalty of the area. The current owners are the 16th generation and have transformed it into a beautiful hotel. This is also among the top hotels in rajasthan.

Halfway between Jaipur and Jodphur, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but it’s an unexpected and beautiful stop. It is a small hotel, with a capacity of 16 guests, so everything is taken care of to the smallest detail.

It has two kinds of rooms, the royal suite or the super deluxe. Guests can experience traditional activities such as dances, Ayurveda massages, astrology, puppet show… In addition to a magnificent pool. And Pushkar and Chittorgarh are at the perfect distance for an excursion.

Fort barli hotel
Fort barli hotel
  1. Hotel Castle Bijaipur in Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh, in the Rajasthan region, is famous for its huge fort. One of the largest in India and famous for some historical battles. Near the Chittorgarh is the Castle Bijaipur hotel. It is on a hill and the altitude of the castle offers a good view from the hotel rooms overlooking the surrounding farmland.

The castle was built in the 16th century, surrounded by protective walls. And in 1991 it was converted into a three-star hotel. It’s owner family still operates this hotel, that makes us check the hospitality of the area.

The rooms are very simple and really give us the feeling of being in a royal castle. It is not a hotel that offers luxuries, but a unique experience. Also near the castle, there is a local village where we will see how life is in rural India really, not for tourists.

Hotel Castle Bijaipur in Chittorgarh
Hotel Castle Bijaipur in Chittorgarh
  1. Rohet Garh Hotel

Rohet Garh is a heritage hotel located on the outskirts, about 35 kilometres from Jodhpur. Its price and luxury are somewhat higher than the previous ones.

It has been operating as a hotel since 1989 and has great prestige among the Heritage hotels of India.

It is located near a lake and in a rural area. As for the accommodation itself, it has 32 rooms in total, each with its own charm and style. Of these six are suites. Traditional paintings and local objects ads an impressive addition in its decoration.  Get the complete information on Palace on Wheels fare for this season and hotels in rajasthan.

Rohet Garh Hotel
Rohet Garh Hotel

Singer Madonna chooses this hotel while she stays in India. The hotel’s activities include visits to the villages in the area, culinary workshops, bird-watching sessions or picnics in the surroundings. You can also take advantage of jeep or camel rides in the area. Musical and dance performances are also part of the entertainment for the guests. Food is another of the great attractions of the accommodation.

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